Version 1.2, October 2017
Seth Van Orden, Harold T. Stokes, and Branton J. Campbell, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 84602, USA,

Description: ISOSUBGROUP is a utility for listing isotropy subgroups associated with irreducible representations (IRs) of a parent space group.
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Parent space group:
Number of superposed irreducible representations:
Default choices (these apply to subsequent distortions but do not affect your parent structure):
Monoclinic axes: a(b)c c(-b)a ab(c) ba(-c) (a)bc (-a)cb
Monoclinic cell choice: 1 2 3
Orthorhombic axes: abc ba-c cab -cba bca a-cb
Trigonal axes: hexagonal rhombohedral
Origin choice: 1 2
Superspace group setting: standard (IT-C) basic (IT-A)