Invited Papers at Scientific Meetings

(most recent first)

10. H. T. Stokes and D. M. Hatch, "General Procedure for Obtaining Microscopic Mechanisms of Reconstructive Phase Transitions in Crystalline Solids," International Union of Crystallography XIXth Congress and General Assembly, Geneva, Switzerland, August 2002.

9. P. M. Woodward, P. N. Santhosh, H. T. Stokes, and J. L. Fiallega, "Computer Modeling, Group Theoretical Analysis and Structure Prediction of Distorted Perovskites," International Union of Crystallography XVIIIth Congress and General Assembly, Glasgow, Scotland, August 1999.

8. D. M. Hatch and H. T. Stokes, "Systematic Symmetry Analysis of Crystalline Phase Transitions," XVth International Congress and General Assembly, International Union of Crystallography, Bordeaux, France, July 1990. Unpublished.

7. H. T. Stokes and D. M. Hatch, "Systematic Methods for the Group-Theoretical Description of Solid-Solid Phase Transitions," Annual Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association, Seattle, August 1989. Unpublished.

6. D. M. Hatch and H. T. Stokes, "Comprehensive Symmetry Analysis of Ferroelectric Phase Transitions: with Associated Microstructure," First USA-USSR Seminar on Ferroelectricity, Boulder, July 1989. Unpublished.

5. D. M. Hatch, H. T. Stokes, and J. S. Kim, "Isotropy Subgroups, Orbit Structure, and Minimization of Single Order Parameter Potentials," XIV International Colloquium on Group-Theoretical Methods in Physics," Seoul, Korea, August 1985. Published in Proceedings of 14th ICGTMP, edited by Y. M Cho (World Scientific, Singapore, 1986), p.~390-393.

4. H. T. Stokes, "Study of Diffusion in Solids by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Meeting of the Metallurgical Society of AIME, Symposium on Non-Traditional Methods in Diffusion, Philadelphia, October 1983. Published in Non-Traditional Methods in Diffusion, edited by G. E. Murch, H. K, Birnbaum, and J. R. Cost (Metallurgical Society of AIME, New York, 1984), pp. 39-58.

3. H. T. Stokes, "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques for Studying Platinum Catalysts," American Chemical Society, Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 19th State-of-the-Art Symposium on Catalytic Materials: Relationship between Structure and Reactivity, San Francisco, June 1983. Published in Catalytic Materials: Relationship between Structure and Reactivity, ACS Symposium Series 248, edited by T. E. White, R. A. Dalla Betta, E. G. Derouane, and R. T. K. Baker (American Chemical Society, Washington D.C., 1984), pp. 385-398.

2. H. T. Stokes, C. D. Makowka, P.-K. Wang, S. L. Rudaz, C. P. Slichter, and J. H. Sinfelt, "NMR Studies of Platinum Catalysts," Materials Research Society Symposium on Advanced Methods of Catalyst Characterization, Boston, Nov. 1982. Published in J. Mol. Catal. 20, 321-325 (1983).

1. H. T. Stokes, "NMR of Platinum Catalysts-The Platinum Surface Resonance," Gordon Conference on Magnetic Resonance, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, June 1981, proceedings unpublished.