Version History

Sep 2021, Version 5.0.2. Changed the default domain for many of the isotropy subgroups for irreps with special k vectors.

Sep 2020, Version 5.0.1. Fixed a write format error which occurred when writing an OPD with more than 8 dimensions.

July 2012, Version 5.0. Fixed a serious bug that affected modes for type-2 and type-3 irreps (those with more than one irrep in the symbol, eg. GM3GM5) and also for a few type-1 irreps at non-special k points.

May 2012, Version 4.0.4, fixed a minor bug in FROZSL_INIT

May 2003, Version 4.0.3.

November 2002, Version 4.0.2.

1993, First working version.