Version History

Aug 2023, Version 2.2, Increased the max number of superposed irreps from 8 to 12. for all IRs.

Jan 2022, Version 2.1.2, Implemented Kovalev IR symbols for all IRs.

Jan 2022, Version 2.1.1, Implemented UNI (unified) symbols for magnetic space groups.

Sep 2021, Version 2.1, Changed the default domain for many isotropy subgroups involving irreps at special k points.

July 2019, Version 2.0, Implemented magnetic IRs. Also, multiple superposed IRs are now selected from a single page.

July 2017, Version 1.1, Updated to the 2011 IR tables used by the newer tools in the ISOTROPY Suite.

2002, Version 1.0, First appeared in ISOTROPY Software Suite.