Version History

February 2022, version 1.1.1. Adjusted the tables for ZA IRs in space groups 195, 198, 200, 201, 205. Changed the k vector (1/2,a,0),... to (1/2,b,0),...

January 2020, version 1.1. Corrected the matrices for the P1 and P3 IRs for space group No. 214 I4_132. These matrices were not unitary. Also modified the sample fortran codes (PIR_data.f, CIR_data.f, PIR_SSG_data.f, CIR_SSG_data.f) so that they would compile under gfortran. This also made it necessary to make format changes to the data files (CIR_data.txt and CIR_SSG_data.txt) so that the programs compiled under gfortran could read complex numbers.

April 2013, version 1.0. This site first appeared on the internet as part of the ISOTROPY Software Suite