Version History

Jan 2022, version 9.6.1. Implemented Kovalev IR symbols for all IRs.

Jan 2022, version 9.6. Implemented UNI (unified) symbols for magnetic space groups.

Sep 2021, version 9.5. (1) Removed superspace groups. ISOTROPY was using out-of-date and incomplete data for (3+1)-dimensional superspace groups. We removed the feature rather than updated it. For superspace isotropy subgroups, use ISOSUBGROUP. (2) Removed access to old version of irreps. (3) Changed the default domain for many of the isotropy subgroups using irreps at special k points.

July 2020, version 9.4.2. Minor bug fixes.

December 2015, version 9.4.1. Fixed bug involvin domains with space groups 152 and 154.

October 2015, version 9.4. Minor bug fixes. Disabled SHOW DIM in DISPLAY INVARIANTS for coupled irreps.

June 2013, version 9.3.1. The new 2011 version of irrep matrices are now the default version.

January 2013, version 9.3. Added commands DISPLAY SETTING IRREP, VALUE IRREP VERSION and VALUE IRREP MAGNETIC. Also corrected some errors.

Sep 2011, version 9.2. Corrected some errors.

May 2009, version 9.1. Added IT setting for magnetic space groups and also corrected some errors in the magnetic isotropy subgroups.

August 2007, version 9.0. Added superspace groups and incommensurate structures.

June 2006, version 8.5. Fixed minor bugs.

March 2006,version 8.4. Fixed some minor bugs concerning coupled irreps.

February 2006, ersion 8.3. Fixed some minor bugs. Also fixed a major bug affecting the calculation of isotropy subgroups for coupled irreps where the second (or third or fourth, etc.) irrep belongs to a non k point of symmetry (non special k point).

January 2006, version 8.2. Fixed incorrect ferroics types for some cases in the cubic space groups.

July 2005, version 8.1. Added monoclinic and orthorhomic settings.

March 2004, version 8.0.4. Fixed various minor bugs.

July 2002, version 8.0.1. Fixed bug in show macroscopic for hexagonal groups. Bug introduced in version 7.0.

July 2002, version 8.0. Added domain sets capability.

March 2002, version 7.0. Changed all 8-byte real numbers to 16-byte real numbers. This should make no difference in the output.

August 2001, version 6.7. Added show subgroup and show size commands to display direction.

July 2001, ersion 6.6. Added option to obtain maximal subgroups and minimal supergroups.

September 2000, version 6.5. Fixed some minor bugs.

August 2000, ersion 6.4.2. Fixed some minor bugs.

June 2000, version 6.4. Expanded to include ferroic nature of phase transitions.

March 2000, ISOTROPY, version 6.3.4. Fixed some minor bugs.

February 2000, version 6.3.2. Expanded various routines to include irreps at non k points of symmetry.

October 1999. Tutorials: Wrote Session 6 on domains and updated the other sessions to reflect changes made in more recent versions of ISOTROPY.

October 1999, version 6.3.1. Fixed minor bug introduced in last version. Implemented Smith normal form in the method for identifying space group symmetry of subgroup.

September 1999, version 6.3. Coupled order parameters can now be generated for irreps at non-k-points of symmetry ("displace isotropy coupled").

August 1999, version 6.2.1. Fixed bug in "show subgroup alternate" command.

August 1999, version 6.2. Added "show subgroup alternate" command.

August 1999, ISOTROPY, version 6.1.1. Fixed bug in "value direction" command. Also improved routine for generating isotropy subgroups at non k points of symmetry.

June 1999, ISOTROPY, version 6.1. Fixed some minor bugs. File affected: iso.exe.

February 1999, ISOTROPY, version 6.0.3. Fixed some minor bugs and some incorect generators for three point groups in the data base. Files affected: iso.exe and d_space.bin.

January 1999, ISOTROPY, version 6.0.2. Fixed some minor bugs and added some error messages. Files affected: iso.exe.

June 1998, ISOTROPY, version 6.0.1. Fixed a bug in DISPLAY BUSH. Files affected: iso.exe.

March 1998, ISOTROPY, version 6.0. Introduced new features, including the incorporation of GET_ISOTROPY, which used to be a separate program. Also made a change in d_wyck.bin, the data base associated with Wyckoff positions.

February 1998, ISOTROPY, version 5.6.1. Fixed some bugs in DISPLAY BUSH. Files affected: iso.exe.

January 1998, ISOTROPY, version 5.6. First version made available at this internet site.