Version History

Jan 2022, version 2.3. Changed symbol of basic magnetic space groups of magnetic superspace groups from BNS to UNI (unified). See the help file in ISO-MAG for more information.

June 2020, version 2.2. Correction to tables of magnetic superspace groups. Deleted 22848 groups which did not obey a multiplication table. Remaining groups were renumbered. Also, for each magnetic superspace group, we added the transformation from the standard BNS setting of the magnetic basic space group as given in ISO-MAG to the standard setting of the magnetic superspace group given in this table. This allows us to obtain the Wyckoff positions in a magnetic superspace group from those in the magnetic basic space group.

May 2019, version 2.1. Correction to tables of magnetic superspace groups. Added 74 groups.

May 2019, version 2.0. Added magnetic superspace groups to the tables.

April 2018, version 1.2. Error found in the numbering of superspace groups with Bravais class 1.15. For example, superspace group Ammm(0,0,g)0s0 clearly belongs to Bravais class 1.15 Ammm(0,0,g), not 1.13 Cmmm(0,0,g), so the superspace group number should be Sixty-eight superspace groups were affected.

March 2013, version 1.1. User can choose the desired notation for superspace coordinates: x,y,z,t or x1,x2,x3,x4, or xs1,xs2,xs3,xs4. The tables in pdf files are not affected.

January 2011, version 1.0. These tables first appeared on the internet as part of the ISOTROPY Software Suite