Version History

Oct 2022, Version 1.5.1: Improved instructions for entering superspace transformations.

Jan 2022, Version 1.5: Implemented unified (UNI) symbols for magnetic superspace groups and fixed some minor bugs.

Jul 2020, Version 1.4: Now allows for a variety of input-format scenarious that arise in output from different tools of the ISOTROPY Software Suite. An integer index is now permitted before each operation. Centering translations can now be listed either as vectors in the "centering positions" field or as operations in the "symmetry operations" field. Operations can be listed on separate lines or in semicolon separated list. Operations can be enclosed in parentheses or not. As before, operations may not contain space characters or be enclosed in quotes, though this could be implemented later.

May 2019, Version 1.3: TRANSFORMSSG can now transform magnetic superspace groups (MSSGs). See the help page for into.

Oct 2015, Version 1.2: Minor bug fix.

March 2013, Version 1.1: User can choose the desired notation for superspace coordinates: x,y,z,t or x1,x2,x3,x4, or xs1,xs2,xs3,xs4. TRANSFORMSSG automatically detects the notation in the input and will use that notation in the output.

January 2011, Version 1.0. TRANSFORMSSG first appeared on the internet as part of the ISOTROPY Software Suite