Animation of two-dimensional projectile motion

Flash version

This animation shows the path of a baseball in two-dimensional projectile motion.

A baseball leaves the ground with both horizontal and vertical components of velocity. It follows a parabolic path and comes to rest on the ground again.

The program recognizes the following commands. The command may be executed by either clicking the button with the mouse (first column below) or by pressing a key (second column below). The mouse buttons may be removed from the screen by pressing the M key. Press M again to restore buttons.

startg Start animation. At end of animation, pressing start causes the animation to start again.
pausef Pause animation. Press resume (r) to resume animation.
pathp Display path. The parabolic path of the baseball is drawn on the screen. Press path again to toggle this feature off.
vv Velocity vector. The velocity vector of the baseball is displayed. It points in a direction tangent to the path of the baseball. Its magnitude is greatest at the start and end, and its magnitude is smallest at the top. Press v again to toggle this feature off.
vx,vyc Velocity components. The horizontal and vertical components of the velocity are displayed. The horizontal component is constant during the entire flight. Press vx,vy again to toggle this feature off.
steps Step mode. The animation pauses 5 times during the flight, including the pauses at the beginning and the ending of the flight. Press next (n) to resume animation after each pause. Press step at any time to leave step mode.