Animation of Lattice Waves in Three-Dimensional Copper Crystal

This animation shows lattice waves in a three-dimensional crystal of copper.

The animation starts with a longitudinal wave with a wavelength equal to the lattice parameter a. The wave is traveling in the +x direction, as indicated by the k vector.

The program recognizes the following commands. The command may be executed by either clicking the button with the mouse (first column below) or by pressing a key (second column below). The mouse buttons may be removed from the screen by pressing the M key. Press M again to restore buttons.

1f Highlight the front plane of atoms. Press 1 (f) again to remove highlight.
2c Highlight the middle plane of atoms. Press 2 (c) again to remove highlight.
3b Highlight the back plane of atoms. Press 3 (b) again to remove highlight.
xx Polarization of wave in x direction (longitudinal wave)
yy Polarization of wave in y direction (transverse wave)
yy Polarization of wave in z direction (transverse wave)
To change the wavelength, simply enter at the keyboard any positive number (may include decimal point). Press the "enter" key at the end of the number. This number is the wavelength as a multiple number of lattice constants a.