Version 1.6.2, Aug 2023
Seth Van Orden, Harold T. Stokes, and Branton J. Campbell, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah 84602, USA,

Description: ISOSUBGROUP is a utility for listing isotropy subgroups associated with irreducible representations (IRs) of a parent space group.
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How to cite ISOSUBGROUP (cite both of the following):
H. T. Stokes, D. M. Hatch, and B. J. Campbell, ISOSUBGROUP, ISOTROPY Software Suite,
H. T. Stokes, S. van Orden, and B. J. Campbell, "Tool for Generating Isotropy Subgroups of Crystallographic Space Groups", J. Appl Cryst. 49, 1849-1853 (2016).

Parent space group:
Number of superposed irreducible representations:
Default choices (these apply to subsequent distortions but do not affect your parent structure):
Monoclinic axes: a(b)c c(-b)a ab(c) ba(-c) (a)bc (-a)cb
Monoclinic cell choice: 1 2 3
Orthorhombic axes: abc ba-c cab -cba bca a-cb
Trigonal axes: hexagonal rhombohedral
Origin choice: 1 2
Superspace group setting: standard (IT-C) basic (IT-A)