Harold T. Stokes

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Textbooks which I have written for solid state physics courses.

Current research interests

Phase transitions in solids

I have been applying group-theoretical methods to the study of transitions between crystalline phases in solids. I started this project in 1983 in collaboration with Professor Dorian M. Hatch. Our collaboration lasted 24 years (until 2007), resulting in 48 jointly-authored papers in refereed journals. In addition, we published a major reference work, Isotropy Subgroups of the 230 Crystallographic Space Groups, and played a major role in preparing the 1993 English edition of the Russian reference work, Representations of the Crystallographic Space Groups, by O. V. Kovalev. One of the major successes of our work has been the establishment of a large data base and the implementation of computer algorithms to carry out the group-theoretical computations in a wide variety of cases. Since about 2006, I have continued this research in collaboration with Dr. Branton J. Campbell. Together, we have developed a new internet tool, ISODISTORT, which includes interactive graphics.

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